Edible Underground prepares & delivers small batch, global comfort food just like your (or someone’s) UH-MAZING culinary wiz of a grandma would make. We  are ready to take the BEST care of you & love you up through food. Just leave everything to us…

NO PLANNING. NO SHOPPING. NO COOKING. NO CLEANING. NO WASTE. Our BIG.. sexy… scrumptious meals are packaged in fully recyclable & microwavable containers. Meal delivery from Edible Underground is a yummier & better choice than regular restaurant delivery/take-out because…

  • EU meals taste like HOME. Like your nurturing grandma or favorite crazy auntie cooked something INCREDIBLE up just for you.
  • We lovingly cook your food in small batches with only the best ingredients
  • Our menu’s rotate weekly with TONS of dietary options including gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, vegetarian & vegan appropriate choices.
  • Each meal is packaged to travel. Most restaurants prepare their food to be eaten right away. Our menus are loaded with meals that get better in your fridge.
  • Re-heat is a cinch! You cannot mess up our meals when you go to heat them up. We have curated our menu choices so that the reheat is beyond easy.
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