How often does your menu change?

We offer a menu with both staples & specials that rotate weekly. Ordering closes @ 8am every Wednesday for the following Thursday’s delivery or pick-up.

How many people does one meal feed?

We sell each item as a single portion. However, we are known for our extremely generous helpings. Our feedback is that many of our clients get two to three meals out of what we are selling as a single serving.

Can I pick up my order?

We offer local pick-up every Thursday. Our self serve options begins at 8am. Simply choose our "local pick-up" option at check out.

Pick-up is located at:

39 Everittstown Rd

Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Do you offer delivery?

YES. We offer delivery via private courier to the entire state of New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, parts of New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island & the Bronx and most of Delaware for an additional fee. Simply choose our “delivery” option when you are checking out.

Do you ship outside of your area?

Soon! We are working on cold shipping.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. You can order as much or as little as you would like.

Do I need a subscription to order?

No subscription needed to order! EU is an at-will service, but we offer YUM BUNDLES… the more you purchase the higher the discount.

8 meals gets you 5% off

10 meals gets you 10% off

15 meals gets you 12% off plus free shipping

20 meals gets you 15% off plus free shipping.

Do you accommodate plant based diets?

We offer a robust variety of vegetarian (v) & vegan (v+) options weekly. Plant based meals are clearly indicated so that you can place your order easily.

Are there gluten-free options?

Yes. We accommodate gluten-free (gf) diets with clearly indicated options for easy ordering. (Please note that we do not cook in a certified gluten-free facility. Our kitchen is not to standard for medically diagnosed celiac restrictions).

Can I make substitutions for some ingredients?

Unfortunately, we do not offer substitutions. However, we make sure to provide you with lots of options & variety so that you can always find something super yummy.

What if I have food allergies?

EU uses a wide variety of ingredients to keep our menus exciting. We can not guarantee that your food will be allergen-free. If you have moderate to severe food allergies we suggest that you email our customer service team.

Is your food prepared using MSG?

We do not cook with MSG or any chemical preservatives.

How do I heat my meals up?

Each meal has heating instructions on the label. Please note that our containers are microwave safe.

How long will my meals stay fresh?

Our meals need to be refrigerated or popped in the freezer upon receipt and are marked with a “best by” date.

Can I freeze these meals?

Yes, we recommend freezing meals that don’t include fresh or raw veggies upon receipt to preserve freshness.

Still have questions?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at

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