Cookies rule!

Cookies rule!

This is the first blog for my website. I suppose I should first introduce myself. My name is Brigid. I'm currently 37 years old living in a sleepy, small rivertown in Hunterdon County New Jersey. I have a partner of 7 years, and together we have 3 amazing children.

I started this journey in hopes to start a business for my children, especially my son who is Autistic.  I have always wanted to have a business that he could work for when he’s old enough.  This dream has turned into wanting a safe space for any and all young adults in the special needs community to come work, have fun and learn.  In addition to this, I always want to give back to the community, which is why I started the Donate a Treat program.  

Ok, so now that I gave a little background, let’s move on to what to expect in this blog.  I will be releasing a new blog every month (maybe even twice a month, but definitely once a month).  Here you’ll be updated on what’s new in the store, product launches, pop up events, etc.

In January you can look forward to three new cookies!

*Almond Biscotti

*Nutella Stuffed

*Brown Butter Espresso

With the new cookies, we’re going to have to say goodbye to Millionaire Bars.  Sorry!

Keep your eyes peeled for themed cookie boxes that myself and my partner Taylor, from Taylor Bakes It, will be creating weekly, along with themed cookie boxes for the holidays.  (Hint hint Valentines Day is coming….)

Taylor and I also have some TOP SECRET projects happening, but shhhhhhhh, that’s for later.

Don't forget to check out the merchandise shop for you Sweet Treats and More gear.

Lastly, please be sure to visit my friend, Libby, owner of Libby Beans in Frenchtown NJ and Little Libby Beans in Milford NJ.  Not only does she have THE BEST CHOCOLATE in Hunterdon County, but she is an amazingly talented, kind hearted women.  At her stores along side her chocolates, you’ll find an abundance of my baked cookies and pastries there!  So, be sure to visit one of her two locations and grab a cup of Fieldstone Coffee, a chocolate truffle and a cinnamon bun!

Happy Snacking!


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